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3G/UMTS suundantenn 8 Db Interline

3G/UMTS flat panel antenna
€29.00 incl tax

PANEL 14 directional flat panel antenna 14dBi, 2.4GHz

PANEL is a series of directional antennas. With its compact size and excellent size to the antenna gain ratio, are efficient, reliable performance in all weather conditions. Nf connector.
€35.00 incl tax

4G/LTE magnetic antenna

€16.00 incl tax

Alfa Omni Antenna 5.8GHz 15dBi

AOA-5815, Omnidirectional outdoor antenna 5GHz, 15dBi, 80cm, N Female Connector
€57.00 incl tax

mANT30 PA Parabolic Dish antenna

Parabolic dish antenna for 5GHz, 30dBi gain
€125.00 incl tax